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About Me

A special rock in the brook behind our house… the dirt knoll where I could always find a toad… the bendy tree that was fun to ride up and down… the sapling forest that made a great green fort… These were the special places of my childhood, the places where I played and to which I retreated when I needed to think, gain strength, or find peace.As I grew up, I found new places: a certain rock on which to perch beside the Farmington River, Napatree Point in Watch Hill, Norman Bird Sanctuary in Newport, a small dock by a pond full of bullfrogs on a blueberry farm in Rehoboth, a forest full of mighty trees at Goddard State Park. These places were sanctuaries at different times in my life, places that provided strength and relief from life’s trials. A connection to nature has always been important to me because of its power to restore, inspire, and teach.  
As a mother, I feel it is essential to raise my children with an appreciation for the natural world and an understanding of its power.
As a teacher, I create and implement nature-based lessons and then delight as I watch the students engage and discover new things about their world. The natural world provides so much material that is accessible and relevant to children of all ages. A lesson on the seasons can be as simple as “winter is cold and summer is hot,” or a complex explanation that involves weather, ecology, and hours of daylight and the orbit of the Earth around the Sun. The lessons encourage students to see their place in the natural world and to feel connected to that world. Presto, a personal relationship with nature has begun.
I have been teaching the Explorers (Pre-K) program at Schoolmates for seven years. In this nature-based program, we explore the wonders of nature each day. This coupled with my degree in social work and lifelong love of being in the natural world, gives me the ability to create and implement positive experiences in nature. Now, I am offering my skills to families, schools, and organizations that are looking for ways to add a nature connection to their routines and programs.

  • Add a nature walk to a family or school schedule
  • Plant blubs in a schoolyard and watch for them to emerge in the spring
  • Create a nature-based lesson to add to a school curriculum
  • Plan activities for Earth Day or Screen Free Week

Together we will identify and assess the needs of each family, school, and organization and create a “Nature Plan” that meets the identified needs. I will also provide an extensive list of resources to support the plan.