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Barking Frog Farm  an idea, its the place I grow my ideas and plans about connecting people with nature.

Years ago my friend Bill Harley was telling me about a book he was writing. During the conversation he mentioned that frogs appalachian-trail-north-carolina-020-mediumare bio-indicators—a lot of frogs in an area means the environment is healthy. I liked the idea that frogs are sending messages to scientists and that they could be a wake up call for all of us. We need to listen to the frogs. Hear their call for a healthy environment and take care of the earth. Years ago William and I had a tree frog as a pet. This frog would bark loudly at night. We loved it. House guests thought we were crazy. When I think of frogs and their message of environmental health I can almost hear them BARKING.

On the home front, Barking Frog Farm is where I live in Connecticut. I share my home with my husbandAurora with chick Dave, my kids William, Aurora and Stephen, our dog Genoa, two cats Jed and Evie and about 30 chickens. Our house is near the Connecticut River on a piece of land surrounded by oak trees and mountain laurel. I think of this place as my laboratory for all things renewable and sustainable. It is where I put my words into action. We recycle, compost, eat locally and raise our own food when possible. I organize programs within my town that encourage kids and their parents to enjoy the natural resources in our area.

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  1. Sandra Basile says:

    Hi Ann,
    BarkingFrogFarm is looking better than ever. I haven’t visited for a while, so I notice lots of changes – you give the “reader” more specific ways to help the earth and more paths to learning pursue, in addition to what I remember as encouraging a more outdoor life and a “Sense of Wonder” about nature. Adding book reviews is a perfect addition and fit. I’ve always loved the photos and the clean layout. (And it is a special delight to see pictures of Aurora and Stephen.) You are a natural, Ann – your eye, your ear, your passions, your nurturing, your curiosity – all in one. I will pass this on to the families I know with younger children. Brava!

  2. Hello! Just want to let you know about MOTHER NATURE’S CHILD: GROWING OUTDOORS IN THE MEDIA AGE, our film about nature’s important role in child health and well-being. The DVD features children of all ages, a range of experts including Richard Louv, and comes with a discussion guide. Screenings nationwide have been followed by powerful post-film discussions! Please visit our website to see a trailer. Perhaps you would like to hold a screening in your neighborhood.

  3. Jim Lockhart says:

    Ann, so glad you mentioned your web site…thoroughly enjoyed browsing. Loved the poem (sounded a little like Joyce Kilmer), grape story, and turning over stones. Did a lot of that when I worked at a summer nature camp at the Science Center in New London. And, as a former elementary school teacher who was really into children’s books, enjoyed reading about the new book about the hippo. You are setting such a wonderful example for your own children and everyone else.

  4. Linda McGill says:

    Hi Ann, I just wanted to let you know that our new learning center is up and running now. I’d love for you to stop by and take a look sometime. I hope you have a great day! P.S. I am the one that sent you the pictures of the frost flowers awhile back. That same information is also listed under Mother Nature on the website. 🙂

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