My mission is to empower children and their parents to take care of the planet. I want to provide the inspiration, guidance and resources needed for someone to say “Sign me up, I’m in.” We need gardeners, stewards and warriors to take care of business.

Gardeners will grow local healthy food, plants that feed birds and insects and gardens that inspire people to love the earth.

Stewards will educate the masses about the importance of conservation and preservation. They will watch over trails, open spaces and bodies of water.

Warriors will enter into battle. They will battle with invasive species, European Starlings, Cane Toad, European Gypsy Moth, Japanese Honeysuckle, Oriental Bittersweet, to name a few. They will also battle with polluters and anyone who wants to exploit the earth. The warriors will implore people to take care of our natural resources and will work to control invasive plants and animals.

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  1. John Kennedy says:


    I enjoyed strolling through your wonderful blog today, and think your project is very important.

    I especially like the way you have uniquely combined the fun of living in the natural world, including so many examples of the visual beauty around us, with dedication to its protection. It is especially rare that you have made this in a manner so accessable to the young who are our future generation.

    I’ll spread the word, and visit often–and try to absorb the lessons.

    I’ll also email any ideas, photos, articles, news,etc. that I think might be of interest.

    Thank you for taking on this great work,
    John Kennedy

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