Success, baby bluebirds!

Baby bluebird in nest.The bluebird parents pulled it off. Together they kept their eggs warm enough to hatch. While the mother was injured and away from the nest, the father sat on the nest and took care of the eggs. Grace’s response to the news that the father had picked up the slack was “Oh, what a good guy.” True team work on the part of these two bluebirds. Yeah, Dad.

Baby bluebird days old.

Baby bluebird days old.

The kids and I feel so invested in the health of the bluebird family. We leave mealworms for the father and mother to eat and feed to their babies. Tabs are kept on the comings and goings of the adults. If I see one of them enter the nest I let everyone in my family know. I think I will feel relief and sadness when the babies fledge the nest. Classic empty nest syndrome.

Here is a link to a Bluebird Growing Up game. Print the pictures and then put them in order of youngest to oldest. Let us know how you do.

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  1. cynthia powers says:

    what a great success story! thank you so much for sharing.

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