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Honey bee (Apis mellifera)

Barking Frog Farm would like to give a Shout Out to the European countries that have banned the bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides. These pesticides are commonly used to keep insects off corn crops. Dramatic recovery in bee populations have been seen in these countries since the ban took effect. The health and number of honey bees in Italy rebounded the very first year of the ban, according to The European Media Research Centre (EMRC)

Now it’s time for the United States to do the same. The EPA needs to ban these pesticides in our country. To learn more, visit the links below. To sign a petition calling for a US ban on these pesticides visit

U.S. EPA about Pesticides

Institute of Science in Society The World in Action

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  1. Caryn says:

    I signed the petition! They’re trying for 1 million and are almost at 800,000. Add your name…

  2. Melissa says:

    Kudos to those that have banned this pesticide. That is great that the bee population is already rebounding!

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