Let them eat fruit… and vegetables.

All winter long my kids ask me to buy strawberries when we go the grocery store.Local fruit and yogurt for a morning treat. My reply is usually “those are laboratory strawberries they don’t taste like ‘in season’ strawberries.” I did cave one time when the giant red berries were on sale. The kids all agreed that they didn’t taste as good as fresh strawberries. So we made a deal, when a fruit comes into season I will buy it and buy it and buy it and they will enjoy it and enjoy it and enjoy it. T,hen we wait until the next season or we will eat frozen fruit that we put in the freezer when it was ripe in the garden. In order to fulfill my part of the deal I spend a lot of time at roadside stands and farmers markets. If you are interested in finding local foods in your area check out www.localharvest.org/

The kids and Dave have their favorites. Dave wants lots and lots of blueberries and Local fruit with cereal. yogurt. That’s his summer dessert. One morning I offered Stephen some cottage cheese, blueberries and peaches. He loved it. The next morning he asked if he could have some of that “summer breakfast.” I think that name will stick as well as the practice of eating in season fruits  and vegetables.

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  1. Shannon says:

    I forgot to thank you for those peaches. They were amazing!!!!!!! Next time you see that farmer, thank her/him for me!!!

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