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Autumn has arrived! It’s time to read books about cool air, big blue skies, busy animals preparing for winter, south-flying birds, the changing color of leaves and more.

This year, we started with Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn, written and illustrated by Kenard Pak. The reader follows a little girl’s journey through her neighborhood, the nearby woodlands and wetlands, a town square, and farmlands. Each richly colored page incorporates elements of the natural world—foxes, blue jays, butterflies, and beaver. The illustrations are beautiful and beg to be examined closely.

Busy Little Squirrel, by Nancy Tafuri is favorite. As squirrel prepares for winter, he is too busy to “nibble a pumpkin” with the mice and too busy to “rest on a branch” with the cardinals. It’s a fun book to read aloud because of the repetitive phrase, “He was so busy.” The children love to say that part as I read the book to the class. The art is bold and colorful. Each pages contains detailed images of wildlife. On some pages the squirrel is in the foreground, in others he is far away, and in another the reader only sees the squirrel’s tail. The variety of perspectives illustrates that the squirrel covers a lot of ground and is, in fact, very active. The book ends with a sweet surprise.

Baby Bear Counts One, by Ashley Wolff is an informative journey through the autumn season. Baby Bear asks his mother all kinds of questions. “Mama, who woke me up?” “Who is munching in there, Mama?” Mama patiently answers his questions. His questions are all connected to the natural world and the autumn season. Wolff creates the dramatic images in the book with watercolor tinted linocuts. The lines are strong and the colors saturated. Each page contains little discoveries that are fun to share— grasshoppers, spiders, mice, and more. Happy hunting.

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