Signs of Chipmunks

During a hike in New York, a piece of wood caught my eye. Its was weathered white and circular in shape. When I knelt down to take a picture of it, I noticed an opened nutshell, then another, and another. “I know what this is,” I thought. And started looking for a chipmunk house. It was well hidden but I found it. A collection of nutshells is a telling sign that a chipmunk lives nearby. I continued my hike with chipmunks on my mind and found 2 more homes. Check out the pictures. Can you find the houses?

Follow this link to learn some interesting facts about chipmunks: 10 Things You Don’t Know About Chipmunks

The entrance to the chipmunks home is under the green leaf in the lower left corner.

This chipmunk made is its home in the pipe.




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