Back to School Hike

Wadsworth Falls State Park in Middlefield, CT, was my choice for what has become known as The Back to School Hike. Three years ago I decided to celebrate the first day of school by taking a hike. As soon as Aurora and Stephen’s photos were taken and they were happily on the bus, I set off. The first year, I hiked alone in Chatfield Hollow State Park. You can read about that hike in the following post: Share a Hike. The past two years, I have had company for this annual hike—parents of students also celebrating the first day of school. I would welcome more hikers next year. So in 2017, as the summer ends and school supplies get purchased, check in with Barking Frog Farm for The Back to School Hike destination and plan to join us.

Along the trail, we spotted wildlife. Can you find a creature in each of the photographs below?



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  1. Hi–nice tradition and nice “camo” picts. Thanks for sharing.
    The falls look fairly robust: my last blog commented on the drought-affected falls in Ithaca–still lovely but not exactly overflowing!

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