Do you see what I see?


This is a beautiful spring picture, don’t you think? The bright billowy clouds and their reflection on the water, the lily pads just starting to appear, the red buds on the branches, and the muted tones of the trees at the water’s edge that just hint of the green leaves that will come—it all says SPRING. Yet when I took the picture I didn’t see any of it, I was focused on another sign of spring.

While driving by this scene, my eye was drawn to a small mud flat in the middle of the pond. There was a lot happening on this little island. Eleven turtles were enjoying the warmth of the afternoon sun on one of the first warm days of the year.

11 turtles

When I showed my friend Caryn these two images, it reminded her of a film by Ray and Charles Eames. Take a look.

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