Take It Outside: Some Sounds of Spring

wood frog
Put on your mud boots and take a walk to a pond, swamp, or vernal pool. Go outside and listen. It’s noisy. The frogs have spent the winter hibernating in the mud and leaves of ponds, swamps, and vernal pools everywhere. They are now awake and calling to each other. In Connecticut we have bull frogs, leopards frogs, wood frogs, tree frogs, pickerel frogs, and everyones favorite spring peepers. Each type of frog has its own call. These calls are used to attract a mate during breeding season and to mark their territory.
These sounds of spring don’t last long. Once the frogs find each other, mate, and lay their eggs they will stop singing. So listen, listen now, listen carefully. Tune into the sounds of spring.

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  1. Marie Fontaine says:

    Such a lovely post! Since I’ve moved to an area with nature around me, I now get to revel in the sweet sounds of spring peepers right outside my door! It brings me such joy, especially after the long, hard winter from which we have so recently emerged. I listen and smile:-)

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