Blazing Trails

IMG_3661220px-Trail_blaze-symbols“Blazing Trails.” Do you know what the phrase means?

In some cases, it means:

  • to go where no man has gone before
  • break new ground
  • seek a new path
  • navigate uncharted waters

Or  it can mean to mark a trail so others can follow.

image1In our Explorer classroom this year we blazed a trail through the land around Schoolmates Preschool as an autumn celebration. We marked trees and rocks along the path with orange paint. The children enjoyed painting with the bright orange paint. Then we invited the parents to join us for a hike and a performance of seasonal songs.

On the day of the celebration, the class walked the trail to make sure it was clear of sticks. (Wouldn’t want the parents to trip.) While we walked, I listened to the Explorers.

“I painted that blaze.”

“Woody painted the one on the rock.”

Pride and ownership could be heard in all their voices.

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  1. Marie says:

    What a wonderful activity for such little people to develop a sense of connection and “ownership” for the natural environment!

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