Plant a Fish? Plant a Fish!

Homage to Jacques (Cousteau) #1

When I was a child and a Jacques Cousteau Special was on television, it felt like a holiday. It meant pajamas on early, popcorn made, drinks poured and the entire family in one room watching Jacques Cousteau aboard the Calypso. Years later, when I started my own family, I turned my son William on to the Cousteau family. We watched many undersea adventures together. William starts college next fall and will study biology. His sights are set on helping endangered mammals in the rainforest. I am happy to think that the Cousteau family has had a part in this plan. Last week, I introduced my daughter Aurora and my son Stephen to Jean-Michel and Céline Cousteau when we watched Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures: Return to the Amazon. After that program, Aurora announced she wants to be an underwater photographer. We’ll see – she is only 7 years old. Though if this plan continues, Céline Cousteau would be a great role model for her.

I feel such a closeness to the Cousteau family that when I saw an article about Fabien Cousteau in the November/December issue of Sierra, I smiled and eagerly read it. To commemorate his grandfather Jacques-Yves Cousteau‘s 100th birthday and World Oceans Day, in June he launched a nonprofit organization called Plant a Fish. The organization’s programs are active, hands-on outdoor education and restoration based.  They empower local communities to take action when aquatic species of plants and animals are identified as environmentally stressed. To learn more about this valuable organization and its programs, visit the website at

Plant a Fish’s first four programs:

    Green Sea Turtle 

  • Oyster “C Garden” Program
  • Turtle “C Garden” Program
  • Mangrove “C Garden” Program
  • Coral “C Garden” Program
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  1. Phil Fontaine says:

    Very nice post.

  2. Caryn says:

    Oh yes! Any Cousteau special was a special event with my family too. Thanks for reminding me about this special family. I know what I’m getting for movie night tonight!

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