Take It Outside: Autumn Sunsets

sky blue-pink

“Sky-blue-pink was a popcycle flavor when I was a kid,” I tell Aurora and her friend Katie as we look at the sky at sunset. “The popcycles looked just like the sky does right now,” I said.  We were looking at a blue sky with dappled white-pink clouds. As the sky darkened, the white was replaced with gold, and the pinks deepened to a blush rose. Just beautiful.

The crisp, cool-blue skies of autumn make dramatic sunsets. Plan a late afternoon walk or hike and enjoy the beautiful, ever-changing, always unique show as the day ends and the sun heads for the other side of the Earth. At this time of year, with the earlier sunset time, young children can be included in the activity. Don’t forget to dress warm, as the temperature drops when the sun sets.

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