Take it Outside: Greet the Sun

sunriseTurn off the screens—the phone, the television, the computer, the video games. Take time from work, from chores, from the day-to-day tasks that keep us busy. Adults and children, take it outside.  I challenge you to see and hear new things—to hunt the woods for wildflowers, to find shapes in nature, to sit by the waterside and listen for unique sounds. So much to experience out in the natural world!

I have chickens. Each morning, I walk out to the coop to let them into their run. Many mornings, I take this trip just as the sun is making its way over the horizon. It’s a unique and magical time of day. A golden light washes over the land as the sun quickly moves higher in the sky. Everything is illuminated, bringing color to the world. Your assignment is to rouse your children from their beds, bundle them up, and take them outside to watch the world awaken.

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  1. Marie says:

    What a beautiful post! Lovely idea (I see you in my imagination, making that dawn trek to the chickens, everything quiet and peaceful), and the photo so supports the piece! Just lovely. What a gift you offer through this blog!

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