Early Birds

Bluebird in Snow-Blizzard 2010 (Eastern Bluebird-Sialia sialis)
Two weeks ago during a snowstorm,  a flash of blue caught my eye as a bird flew away from the peanut feeder attached to my window. Later that morning I noticed a pair of bluebirds at the platform feeder in my backyard. What a sight, a pair of bluebirds set against falling snow. I felt lucky to witness this happening. We regularly have bluebirds nesting in houses in our yard. But at the feeders, and this early in the year? This was new for me.

While driving to work one morning, I heard a “BirdNote Moment” that explained the bluebird behavior I was watching. Bluebirds are one of the earliest northbound migrants. An early return gives the birds an edge over the competition and increases their chances of finding a suitable nesting spot. The early bird catches the worm and the prime real-estate.

Have a listen to the BirdNote Moment.

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