Mousekin’s Golden House

At Schoolmates Preschool, I teach the Explorers, children 4 and 5 years old. We read a least one book a day. The entire staff loves books and loves to share books. In that spirit I will share with you selections from the Explorer’s library.

From the reading library of the Explorers.

Mousekin’s Golden House, written and illustrated by Edna Miller,  is a great post-Halloween read. One moonlit night, Mousekin, a little mouse, travels down a path and walks right into a jack-o-lantern. He finds the big-faced pumpkin interesting—so interesting that he forgets to watch for danger and he’s almost snatched by an owl. Luckily, the jack-o-lantern provides him with shelter. Mousekin finds many benefits to living in a jack-o-lantern.

Miller does a wonderful job giving voice and personality to this little mouse while staying true to the facts of nature. Playful illustrations nestled on the pages add visuals to this sweet story. A wonderful read with a very cozy ending.

After reading the book, the class marched our jack-o-lantern out to the garden. We put it near the playground fence so everyone could watch and see if a little mouse would call our jack-o-lantern home.

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    Love this!

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