Sharing apples with a bear

highland hillA few weeks ago we spent the weekend in New Hampshire with the Morrissey family. We stayed in a house that has been in Miriam’s family for over 100 years. It felt like I spent the weekend living in a museum—old photos, antique furniture, a dated kitchen and an old apple orchard. It was great. The apple orchard had a variety of apple trees, most of them had already passed their due date. But one tree was chock full of apples ready to pick.

bear scat, we think

Bear scat, we think

While checking out the apple trees we also noticed scat (animal poop), a couple of different kinds. We all agreed that some of it looked like bear scat. Then Dave noticed claw marks on the tree trunk and half eaten apples on the ground. A bear was also enjoying the apples.

We brought home 4 bags of apples and made 2 cases of applesauce with them. I love a complete circle—the kids saw the apples growing on the tree and being eating by wildlife, they helped me harvest the 4 bags of apples, we cut them up, removed worms and bruises, cooked themapple orchard in New Hampshire in a pot, put them through an apple mill and served fresh applesauce with dinner—from tree to table.

Bear scat


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  1. Shannon says:

    When we went to the inn in Bethlehem, N.H., a couple years ago to do trail work, I slipped and almost fell in a pile of bear vomit from a bear that had over-indulged on some of the fruit from the neglected apple trees there. We also saw some moose scat!!!! So cool!!! I’ll have to get you Cindy’s (our awesome trail boss) recipe for the edible scat lesson. So cool!!!!!!!!

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