Happy Earth Day!

When my son William was in second grade, we planned a litter clean up. We were living in Rhode Island and decided to clean up the shoreline of Goddard Memorial State Park. Invitations were sent, the clean-up was registered with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), and supplies—bags and gloves—were collected.

On the day of the clean-up we met at Goddard Park. To get everyone in the right frame of mind, I read a poem from The Big Book For Our Planet. The poem written by David McPhail was entitled Pigs on Patrol. In the poem the pigs pick up trash, fight litter bugs, save the whales, and more. The kids loved the poem and started calling each other, Piggy William, Piggy Bobby, etc. Someone had the idea to write the piggy names on their gloves. The clean-up crew was inspired by the poem and incorporated it into the day. Here’s the poem. Share it with the piggies in your life. Happy Earth Day!

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