Meteor shower – October 21 and 22

meteor NASACan we go outside and looks for shooting stars tonight? This is a question I often hear from Aurora. Two years ago my cousin Shannon visited with us. During that August visit we went outside, laid in the grass and watched for shooting stars, more scientifically know as meteors. We saw many shooting stars that night. It was fun to lie in the cool grass looking up into space. The excitement we all felt when someone called out “I see one”, was electrifying. Aurora was 5 years old on that warm summer night. She was so little and it made such a big impression. I remember another stargazing experience with my son William. More than 10 years ago an historic meteor shower was forecast. The experts said it would be at it’s peak at 4 a.m. Because we lived in an area with lots of light pollution we made a plan to watch the meteor shower from a state park not far from our house. When the alarm clock RANG I thought maybe we won’t go, this is crazy. I fought off the desire to stay in my warm bed and woke up William. Again it was a memorable experience. We felt such a camaraderie and closeness as we looking up at that remarkable sky.

For more information about this coming Meteor Shower and more check out the links below. Happy Stargazing!

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