Bluebird Update

I thought I was going to have to write with bad news and say that the mother bluebird was gone. She disappeared for a day or two, or she was not on the nest when I checked for her.  Which in hindsight was good news because it meant she was able to fly again. So life for the bluebird family seems to be back to normal. The mother is on the nest keeping her eggs warm and safe and the father is hunting for insects to feed the mother and himself. Bluebird eggs in a nest.

Grace the wildlife rehabilitator said that it’s late in the season to have a new clutch of eggs but we’ll keep our fingers crossed. And I’ll keep you posted.

If you are interested in finding out if your property is a good environment for bluebirds visit This site can answer every question having to do with bluebirds. The following address will connect to a Bluebird Fact Sheet at the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection(DEP)

Bluebirds like semi-open habitats, orchards, parklands, meadows, and other area with scattered trees and short ground cover. They perch in the open and scan the ground for insects and spiders. We had a male bluebird who liked to perch on the bowsprit of a boat in our backyard.

Share your bluebird stories with us.

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  1. Marie Fontaine says:

    I envy you living in a place where you can have bluebirds in your backyard! And I didn’t know the eggs were blue! How beautiful!

    I live in the city, and in my little backyard garden, I do what I can to attract “wildlife.” I love to sit and have breakfast under the umbrella at my little wrought iron table, watching and listening to the goldfinches, chickadees, housefinches, catbirds, cardinals, blue jays, mockingbirds, and my neighbor’s Carolina wren as they go to the feeders, bathe in the birdbath, and flit through the trees (the catbirds are eating the blueberries from the bushes I never got around to netting!). This morning, my husband, Joe, and I even saw our first hummingbird of the summer in the yard! We put up the feeders every spring – an act of faith – and just hope an urban hummer will stop for a sip from the feeders or the flowers. Joe always says we’re not getting any hummers; I always say they’re there when we’re not looking or at work. Today we enjoyed this lovely female several times, at both feeders and flowers!

    I think there’s nothing sweeter than the little voices of the goldfinches when you’re sitting relaxing in a garden on a beautiful day. So, even in the city, you can have a little piece of paradise.

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