Saving Seeds for Next Spring


Leopard lilly

Aurora's seed saving - Leopard lilly


I have always loved to look at plants. New plants just poking out of the ground in the spring, established plants happily soaking up the summer sun and mature plants getting ready to spread their seeds to the autumn winds. For months I have been watching plants develop seed pods and now I am watching the seeds drop to the ground or take to the air. It is time to stop watching and start collecting. Aurora loves this activity. I showed her the seed pods of one variety of lilly in our garden, a half an hour later Aurora had a bag full of seeds. (If anyone would like some of these seeds let me know.)  I like the idea that I can bridge this fall and next spring with this act. A little bag of spring, with its promise of life and beauty, holding us through the cold winter.


Phlox in October

Phlox in October


The International Seed Saving Institute has great information about seed saving. They have a page called Basic Seed Saving. Check it out.

International Seed Saving Institute

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange


Aurora with Phlox Seeds
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  1. cynthia powers says:

    ann, will you plant your seeds indoors this winter? i’m going to do some of that (as space allows). i have seeds to swap, if you’d like.

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