Barking Frog Reads – June

I love books and I love book clubs, so it just seems natural to start a book club within this blog. On the first day of each month I will announce the book we will share—read the book and post comments.

Barking Frog Farm would like to feature Rabbit Hill by Robert Lawson as the June book choice.

The rumor on the Hill is “New folks coming.” The animals living in the fields and woods around a Connecticut farm are all wondering if these folks will be “planting folks.” Father rabbit, being a southern gentleman,  hopes some Kentucky bluegrass will be planted when the new folks arrive. Clover and Timothy are on the mind of Porkey the woodchuck. Phewie the skunk isn’t as interested in the gardens; he wants to get a look at the new folk’s garbage.

Rabbit kitWell, the new folks arrive and they are planting folks. They seem, also, to be aware of the animals on the Hill and want to share the land with them. Willie the field mouse gets into a bit of trouble and the folks help him out.

This is hands down one of my favorite books. Each animal has his or her own unique personality and place in the animal community. When the new folks arrive they do their part to fit in with the established animal society.

Little Georgie the rabbit has some exciting adventures while traveling across many fields to pick up his Uncle Analdas, another great character. Uncle Analdas will take his place in the group and add even more color to the colorful cast of characters.

This Newbury Medal winner could easily be read by children nine and older. It is also a terrific read-aloud book. Younger children will easily follow the adventure while the book is read to them. It would also be a fun book to read aloud as a family.

The Rabbit Hill audio book is also great. The person who reads the book brings each character to life with individual voices. Just wonderful!

Rabbit Hill Audio Book

If you plan to buy this book and would like to support Barking Frog Farm,  follow the links to Amazon by clicking on the book or audio book link. Thanks!

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