Take It Outside – Seeing Green

Turn off the screens—the television, the computer, the video games. Take time from work, from chores, from the day to day-tasks that keep us busy. Adults and children, take it outside. Each week I will challenge you to see and hear new things—to hunt the woods for wildflowers, to find shapes in nature, to sit by the waterside and listen for unique sounds. So much to experience out in the world!

Connecticut River in MayJade, emerald, lime, asparagus, myrtle, olive, fern, moss, sea, pine, pear, swamp, forest, persian, shamrock, harlequin, jungle, camouflage, kelly, teal, aqua, grass. What images do these words conjure? What color do you see in your minds eye? Green? A particular shade, tone, or hue of green? A yellow green, a blue green, a dark green? Gardeners know that green is not a simple nor a single color. When designing a garden, the type of green of each plant is as important as the color of the flowers.

green, green, green, woodland plantsTo me, spring is all about green, in all its subtle and obvious variations. Before the leaves on the trees emerge and become more uniform in color, the hillsides look like an artist’s palette. Go out and look for green. Look closely at gardens, woodland plants, and landscapes. Look far into the distance at rolling hillsides, valleys, and river banks. Notice the greens. How many can you see? Have fun noticing and naming the shades and variations! Write back and tell us about the greens in your neighborhood.

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2 Responses to Take It Outside – Seeing Green

  1. kellytonks says:

    I agree, and it has a different quality that we wont see in summer, those yellowy green colors I think. I love this idea to really notice all the shades, I will in between sneezes:-) Yesterday at the preschool, we had lots of time outside in the mud. You should have heard the woods!! What a wonderful racquet with all the frogs and birds talking!!

  2. Shannon says:

    We were just commenting on all the greens last night while we were driving. This is my favorite time!

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