Friday Photo

Red Winged Black Birds

Red Winged Blackbird, the true harbinger of Spring in New England

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4 Responses to Friday Photo

  1. kellytonks says:

    stunning, and always interesting facts worth knowing, I didn’t know

    Thank you!

    • BarkingFrogFarm says:

      How about sharing one of your beautiful photos, for next weeks Friday Photo. I’d love to share your photos with the Barking Frog Farm readership.


  2. Marie Fontaine says:

    What a GORGEOUS photo! I’ve never seen a flock of redwings. This makes me even more excited about spring! I want to get out and hear a redwing!

  3. BarkingFrogFarm says:

    Wild rice grows in the tidal cove near our house. A fall treat is to watch the red winged black birds eat their fill of rice as they prepare for a flight south. They return to the same cove in the spring. Spring is on it’s way.

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