Barking Frog Reads – March

The Secret Garden

In anticipation of spring, we are reading the classic A Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson-Burnett. The book is about two disagreeable children, Mistress Mary, who is quite contrary, and her sickly cousin Collin. Mary finds a garden behind a locked door at Misslethwaite Manor in Yorkshire. With the help of a cross old gardener and an animal charmer named Dickon, she begins to bring the garden back to life. Collin is brought in on the secret, and together they transform the garden and the garden transforms them. Mary, Collin, and Dickon talk about, sing about and chant about the magic of nature. The magical power that makes a seed or bulb grow into a flower and the natural power that can keep a neglected garden alive and waiting. Life is everywhere inside this garden. The descriptions of their time spent in the garden will inspire you to find a “piece of earth” to cultivate into your own secret garden.

Children ages 9 and up will enjoy reading this book on there own, younger children will need to have the book read to them. The book also works well as a read aloud project for the entire family. The unabridged audio version is a well-told story in which to get lost.

Secret Garden Audio Version

The Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett

The Little Princess Audio Version by Frances Hodgson Burnett

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4 Responses to Barking Frog Reads – March

  1. Lissa Nilsson says:

    Most excellent! This was one of my favorite books when I was growing up!

  2. BarkingFrogFarm says:

    Aurora and I read the book together. So much fun getting lost in that garden with Mary, Collin and Dickon. I can’t wait for things to start poking out of the ground in my gardens.

  3. Tania Crosby says:

    My favorite author as a child. Great selection!

  4. Caryn says:

    We just finished listening to this and loved every second. Vivian absolutely loved Dickon and thought she might want to defect to his family! Everyone should have an old soul like him in their lives.

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