Shout Out – The Turtle Island Restoration Network, Center for Biological Diversity, KAHEA and Earthjustice

Barking Frog Farm would like to give a Shout Out to Turtle Island Restoration Shout OutNetwork, Center for Biological Diversity, KAHEA and Earthjustice for forging an agreement with the government that will decrease the number of sea turtles killed each year. The agreement settles a lawsuit brought against National Fisheries Service for increasing bycatch limits on Loggerhead sea turtles caught by Hawaii-based longline swordfish fisheries. The conservation groups challenged that the new rule conflicts with the Fisheries Service’s own assessment that the North Pacific loggerhead sea turtle is in danger of extinction, in large part due to capture in longline fisheries. The 2009 rule allowed swordfish fleets to catch nearly 3 times as many loggerhead sea turtles as perviously permitted. National Marine Fisheries Service made the decision to increase limits at the same time that they are in the process of determining whether loggerheads should be uplisted from threatened to endangered.

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