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Sap the Trees

“Are we going to sap the trees, dad?” was Stephen’s question for Dave as they walked to the back of the yard with a drill, a tap, and a bucket. We had heard from our veteran maple-syrup-making friends that it … Continue reading

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A Bird at the Feeder is Worth Two in the Sky

This past Christmas, Dave gave me a gift that I enjoy every day and all year long. I’m not sure why, but last year I stopped feeding the birds. My bird feeders remained empty for months and the birds disappeared. … Continue reading

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Shout Out – Eggcellent!

Barking Frog Farm would like to give a shout out to two men, Gene Gregory, head of the United Egg Producers lobby and Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society. Two men with opposing beliefs who listened to each other … Continue reading

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Vern with his BFF Friends

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Introducing Vern L. Pool

Thanks to everyone who participated in the name game. Our new resident is settling in nicely and will be happy when he (yes, we’ve decided he’s a he) can get outside to stand among the garden plants. The development of … Continue reading

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A Child’s Calendar

A Child’s Calendar is a gorgeous creation. The poems written by John Updike conjure the most beautiful images about each month of the year: The trees’ black lace… fat snowy footsteps… long green weeks… blue ghosts of smoke…. Each month’s … Continue reading

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