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Get Growing – The definition of “weed”

“Pick this one,” is what Shannon and I said to Stephen as we stood beside a weedy flower bed. Stephen and I had just arrived at my cousin Shannon’s farm to help her weed some garden beds. Stephen asked, “Which … Continue reading

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Plant Pansies

For my daughter, Aurora, spring means planting pansies. When she was four-years-old my mother came for a visit. My mother (Aurora’s Granny) announced to Aurora, “Wait until you see what I have in my car.” With excitement and anticipation Aurora … Continue reading

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Get Growing – Facts about Sunflowers

Children love giants and they love to know facts—especially nature facts they think no one else knows. Sunflowers deliver on both counts. Some varieties of sunflowers grow to 12 feet high. They are fast growing plants that almost grow before … Continue reading

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Get Growing – Watermelon

Planting watermelon in a backyard garden is rewarding and fun. Planting watermelon with children is rewarding, fun, and a great way to introduce the idea of gardening and growing food. This heat-loving annual can be grown in all parts of the country, but … Continue reading

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Get Growing – Mayapples

The mayapple is a plant with a secret, and children love secrets. A native perennial that grows in moist, rich soil, the mayapple is found in woods, thickets, and pastures.  If you plant mayapples in your yard, give them some … Continue reading

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