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Hide and Seek with the Moon

It was a clear summer night, and I was driving down a dark wooded road. My son, William, almost 2-years-old, was behind me in his car seat. “Moon,” called William into the silence of the car. I looked to the east … Continue reading

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Time to Tap

The Explorers were in the middle of snack time when we got the word, “Put your coats on and come outside for a few minutes. Brendan is here to tap the tree.” We all stood up, put on our coats, … Continue reading

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February 23, 2018, Deep River, Connecticut

Usually, such a hopeful site, but in February, in Connecticut? Feels too soon.

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Natural Scientists Right from the Start

It’s going to be another great year at Schoolmates. The new Explorers arrived in the rain on Wednesday, September 6. Everyone had raincoats and asked, “Are we going to hike today?” A little rain wasn’t going to stop these enthusiastic … Continue reading

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Bon Voyage to the Birds

“The red-winged blackbird is the true harbinger of spring.” This is a sentence I repeat at least two or three times a year. I first hear it at the Connecticut Audobon’s Eagle Festival. My children and I went to the festival … Continue reading

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Friday Photo

Look closely, hidden treasures are everywhere.

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A Clearing in the Woods

It took two days of asking and bargaining, but I got Aurora and Stephen to take a hike with me. Actually, for months I have “led by example.” I walk or hike whenever possible. Stephen and Aurora know my beliefs about exercise … Continue reading

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A Close Encounter

An early morning hike with my friend, Caryn was the start to my birthday celebration. We hiked the blue and yellow trails at Canfield Woods as a light rain fell on the leaves above us. It was wonderful. While we … Continue reading

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Little Things

And then there is the world of little things, seen all too seldom. Many children, perhaps because they themselves are small and closer to the ground than we, notice and delight in the small and inconspicuous. With this beginning, it … Continue reading

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Planting Pansies

For my daughter, Aurora, spring means planting pansies. When she was four-years-old my mother came for a visit. My mother (Aurora’s Granny) announced to Aurora, “Wait until you see what I have in my car.” With excitement and anticipation Aurora … Continue reading

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