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Happy Earth Day!

“I believe the world is incomprehensibly beautiful — an endless prospect of magic and wonder.”  — Ansel Adams  

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Skunk Cabbage, it’s here!

I love skunk cabbage. It is one of my favorite signs of spring. As a child, I would carefully navigate the edge of brooks and swamps, making sure not to step on skunk cabbage plants. It was fun to be a bit scared … Continue reading

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Friday Photo

The days are longer, the sun is higher, and the winter stores are almost gone—spring must be near.

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Take it Outside: In search of ice.

Before winter disappears, and it will, take a walk outside and search for ice. Walk near a brook, a swamp, a pond, or if you want big ice, a river. When I was kid, the reward for braving the coldest days … Continue reading

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Friday Photo

  Sparkling columns rise out of the ground and make a musical “crunch” under foot.    

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Merry Christmas William

My son William is spending this Christmas in South Africa with fellow biologist, Vervet monkeys and lots of other wildlife. In the words of Yoda, “Living his dream he is.” William is “a volunteer working for the Inkawu Vervet Project, … Continue reading

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A Mushroom Family

Sofia and Ava came running across the playground, “Ann, we found a mushroom family. Come see the mushroom family.”

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An Autumn Tradition

Halloween is over—the witches and ghosts are being put away. The candy is almost gone. And the Jack-o-lanters fold in on themselves as they grow old and become one with the earth. These events cue another tradition in the Explorer’s classroom—the … Continue reading

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Get Growing – The definition of “weed”

“Pick this one,” is what Shannon and I said to Stephen as we stood beside a weedy flower bed. Stephen and I had just arrived at my cousin Shannon’s farm to help her weed some garden beds. Stephen asked, “Which … Continue reading

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One Last Hike

Rain slickers, rubber boots, happy voices, bright shiny green everywhere, and rain—summer rain, these are the lasting images of my final hike with the Explorer’s class of 2015. It was a fitting end to our time with this adventurous group of … Continue reading

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